Power Management

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Chaoyang Technologies develops unique, disruptive, and state of the art Ultra High Speed Switching Voltage Regulators and the industry’s only Transient Control IP. Our technology allows tremendous foot print reduction resulting in major PCB cost saving, routing simplification, and ease of design. This allows for faster time to market opportunities for our customers.

Chaoyang power solutions are capable of delivering fast DVFS while enabling distributed power for the entire system due to our low cost, small form factor, and high efficiency product profile.

Our topology enables seamless switching between PFM/PWM modes resulting in flat and high efficiency over the entire load range.

With output currents up to 12 Amps in a tiny 29mm2 module including all passives, we deliver the highest power per mm2 in the industry.

Chaoyang power regulators and transient controllers additionally provide hardware level secure power in potentially hostile environment, creating a new frontier of security that cannot be cracked.

Switching Regulator Features:

Transient Control Features:

  • Unique innovative solution addressing high frequency CPU/GPU block transient
  • Embedded supply voltage monitor with sub-nanosecond 40-60% droop reduction
  • Substantial voltage credit benefits by reducing voltage droop and overshoot transients
  • Voltage credit can be traded for:
    • Performance and yield improvements
    • Power, leakage, and area reduction
    • Elimination of capacitors enabling thinner & lower cost products
  • Available in 7, 10, and 12nm FinFET process