Endura Technologies announced the ET7700 product family

DUBLINDec. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Endura Technologies announced the ET7700 product family, the industry’s first 28nm embedded voltage regulator (eVR™). The Endura ET7730 is a 3-phase 6A switching regulator. It is integrated inside the SoC package within 5mm2 area and less than 200um height including inductors. The ET7730 product delivers exceptional performance in a very small form factor module with integrated passives and outstanding cost and BOM savings. The ET7700 product family will include a fully integrated stand-alone module in 2018.

“This milestone is an important achievement and the culmination of several years of intense design, development and concept validation enablement effort with various partners,” said Taner Dosluoglu, CEO, Endura Technologies. “We have designed the most advanced embedded switching voltage regulator that delivers high performance while using very small inductors (<6nH) and capacitors (<0.47uF) providing high efficiency, small form factor (<1mm3), PCB area and BOM savings, as well as support for high-definition DVFS.”

Endura Technologies ET7730 Key Features

The Endura ET7730 is a 3-phase, 6A embedded switching voltage regulator with the key features listed below:

  • High-performance 70MHz-130MHz programmable DCDC buck converter
  • Ultra-fast Dynamic Voltage Control (DVC) for DVFS, >100x improvement in slew rate (>500mV/100ns)
  • Small L/C components ideal for land-side/top-side in-package integration
  • Wide output voltage regulation range: 0.1V-1.1V
  • High efficiency, flat over entire load range
  • Seamless, automatic PFM/PWM operation & phase shedding without hysteresis
  • Built-in fast digital current reporting in <1us with no external components

Evaluation boards are available for testing and validation.

About Endura Technologies

Endura Technologies (International) Ltd, with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, is a fabless semiconductor company providing leading edge power management solutions for the microelectronics industry. We have developed patented disruptive system-level solutions for low-power mobile devices in the most advanced process nodes. Our two main focus areas are embedded power management for very demanding system-on-chip (SoC) CPU type applications, as well as stand-alone power management integrated circuits (PMICs). Endura’s eVR™, sVR™, eTC™ solutions provide unprecedented reduction in bill of material and power usage, while also increasing performance.

Endura Technologies is a fully funded enterprise and is a portfolio company of the Bridgewest Group.

About Bridgewest Group

The Bridgewest Group is a closely held investment company with global assets in the biotech, wireless communications, infrastructure for “internet of things,” semiconductor, commercial and residential real estate, asset management and financial services industries. In business for over 25 years, with operations around the globe, the Bridgewest Group creates long-term value through the application of superior industry knowledge, operational expertise and significant financial resources to attractive investment opportunities.

SOURCE Endura Technologies (International) Ltd.