About Chaoyang Technologies

Chaoyang Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company providing state of the art, disruptive chipset solutions in Power Management and Smart Audio across a wide spectrum of applications from Mobile devices, IoT, Personal Computers, and Cloud Servers.

Chaoyang’s patented technology offers ultra-fast switching regulators with the smallest form factor in the world, providing high performance and ultra-low power through best-in-class efficiency. Chaoyang’s proprietary low power and small size Artificial Intelligence (AI) implementation combined with its innovative Analog Front-End (AFE) offers solutions for intelligent IoT, smart Audio, and other applications with best-in-class SNR and AOP.

Our technology portfolio creates an ecosystem of products and services that together deliver an enhanced customized user experience enabling low power and low latency intelligence at the edge.

Chaoyang Technologies is headquartered in Shanghai, China with design teams in Greater China and Ireland.  The company is fully funded and supported by the Bridgewest Group, an Investment firm with over $2B of capital under management across a diverse set of industries from Semiconductor, Communications, Software, Bio-Tech, Real Estate, and Financing.

Technology Highlights:

  • icon-1 Fastest Switching regulator architecture and control in the industry
  • icon-2 Achieving high efficiency flat across the dynamic load variations
  • icon-6 Reconfigurable AI platforms optimized for edge and cloud computing
  • icon-4 Ultra-compact, highly efficient, low power AI computing
  • icon-5 Active transient control for CPU/GPU power domains provides droop mitigation in sub nanosecond resulting in major Power and Performance improvements
  • icon-6 Implementation with 10x smaller components resulting in smallest form factor in the world
  • icon-7 Very low power standby operation and ultra-fast start-ip
  • icon-7 Audio AFE with best in class AFE SNR and SPL with 1mW power and built in self-test
  • icon-8 Non-Von Neumann computing models for smart sensors
  • icon-9 Local private and secure AI platforms with hardware implemented protection against malicious attacks in hostile environments

Target Markets


Mobile Phones




Smart Sensors


Smart Buildings/Smart Lights




Cloud/Edge Computing

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We are aggressively building engineering teams in our global headquarters based in Shanghai. Join the best and the brightest of the industry in our pursuit to revolutionize the world of Artificial Intelligence, Power Management, and Audio. We are seeking innovative engineers in addition to many other valued specializations.

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Shanghai, China
R&D: Dublin, Ireland